Price List

Health Services/Consulting
($50/15 minute - visit $100/30 minute - visit)
*Prescription Refills
*Diagnosis and Treatment of Conditions
*Cough, Cold and Flu Treatment
*Chronic Condition Management (Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism, etc)
*Sick notes for school/work
*Sore throat/sinus infections.
***Services provided by Nurse Practitioners are not currently funded by the Alberta provincial health care system, however, some services may be covered by employer provided health spending accounts.  Contact for more information

Dermal Fillers

(Cost Based on Personalized Assessment)
Lip Enhancement from $250
Laughter Line Softening from $325
Frown Line Softening from $325
Worry Line Softening from $325
Cheek Enhancement from $325
Eye Augmentation (Eye Trough) from $325
Jawline from $650
Marionette Line Softening from $325
Skin Boosters from $650

Muscle Relaxants

(Botox Cosmetic, Dysport Aesthetic)

(Cost Based on Personalized Assessment)

Worry Lines (Forehead) from $180

Frown Lines (11's) from $250

Smile Lines (Crow's feet) from $120

Bunny Lines from $50

Brow Lift (Outer 1/3 of eyebrows) from $100

Gummy Smile from $100

Smile Lift/Downturn Corners of the mouth from $150

Chin Softening from $50

Jaw Slimming from $500

Nefertit from $300

Turkey Neck from $300

Chemical Peels/Treatments (Vivier)
$150 per treatment 
(Package of 3 sessions $400)
Medical Micro-needling
(Package of 3 sessions$1200)
$350 per peel
(Package of 3 sessions $900)